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Our 2023 - 2024 Strategic Priorities


Enhancing Information Technology

Over the next year McMan will continue to bring its IT infrastructure up to current standards in   order to effectively support business functions and service delivery administrative functions. As in previous years, an implementation plan has been developed in conjunction with Yardstick Technologies. 


The primary work to be completed over the course of the year includes:

  • Multi-factor Authentication

  • Migration to the Cloud


Contract and Service Re-negotiation and/or Tendering

Based on information provided by Children’s Services, it is realistic to expect that all contracts will be re-tendered between 2024 – 2026. It is likely that Collaborative Service Delivery and Group Care will be re-tendered in 2024. It is also anticipated that in 2024 there will be a tender for Youth/Young Adult Services to support the Transition to Adulthood Program operated by Children’s Services.


 Through the tending processes, McMan will strive to:

  • Maintain or increase its market share of service provision in both Edmonton and the North,

  • obtain funding for salary and wage increases, particularly for direct service staff,

  • provide increased opportunities for growth and advancement in the agency,

  • negotiate an administrative overhead fee that adequately supports the agency’s business functions, and

  • enter into long-term contracts.


Targeted Service Growth in Fort McMurray and North Central Alberta

In Fort McMurray and North Central Alberta there is an overall lack of both disability services and child and family services.


In 2024, McMan will leverage its competitive advantage in Fort McMurray and Central Alberta as follows:

  • Build upon our local relationships, our service knowledge, and our reputation in disability services to establish adult disability services, and

  • Take advantage of the tendering for services described in point (2) to establish Group Care Services and Youth/Young Adult Services in Fort McMurray, Whitecourt, and Edson.

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