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Our Philosophy and Beliefs

Our Service Philosophy

McMan’s service delivery practice is guided by the belief that:

  • Every person has unique strengths and capabilities and has the right to live a full and meaningful life.

  • Services provide within the context or a person’s community and support network are more meaningful, effective and practical for the person.

  • The provision of a flexible and responsive service, based on individual ability and need, is more effective that a rigid service system that does not take into consideration the unique individual.

Our Business Philosophy

McMan’s business practice is guided by the belief that:


  • All decisions to enter into or continue with a service agreement are mission driven, ethically sound, and financially viable.

  • The agency has a responsibility not only to provide quality services, but also a responsibility to advocate for improved practices and systemic changes.

  • It is in our best interest to contribute to the “greater good” through freely sharing our expertise, talent, and leadership with other organizations.

Our Human Resource Philosophy

McMan’s human resource practice is guided by the belief that:


  • All employees are capable and professional individuals who are committed to their work and the success of the organization.

  • Employees are people and we are interested not only in their job performance but also in their well-being.

  • The mission of the agency is better achieved when employees are valued, respected, well-informed, and engaged.

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