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Become a Foster Parent

McMan has been providing foster care services in Edmonton and Bonnyville for over 20 years. 


Our foster care programs provide safe, caring homes to children who, for a variety

of reasons, are unable to live with their own families. 


Most often, a foster home is a temporary home for these children, with the ultimate goal of the children returning to their immediate or extended family or being adopted.

Do you see yourself as caring, patient and flexible? 

Do you believe that relationships and respect have a positive influence on child development?

If these statements describe you, then fostering may be right for you!

  • How long is the process to become a foster parent?
    The entire process from start to finish should take 5 to 6 months from the initial phone call to Licensing. Delays typically occur when paperwork is not submitted by families within a timely manner.
  • Who can become a foster parent?
    Eligibility Requirements: Be at least twenty one (21) years of age. Be a resident of Alberta. Be a Canadian Citizen, Landed Immigrant or Permanent Residency Status for three (3) years. (Newcomers will have resided in Canada for a minimum of five (5) years.) Be free of major illnesses. Have no major trauma in the past twelve (12) months, (e.g. death in the family, divorce). Be in a stable relationship for the past twelve (12) months, if cohabitating. Have NO children under the age of 1 currently living in the home or be expecting a baby. Provide three (3) positive references. Be financially stable. Have direct experience related to child care. Each applicant needs to have their own individual email. Each applicant needs to have access to reliable internet and either a desktop/laptop.
  • Am I obligated to continue in the process once I submit an application?
    No, but submitting an application does not mean you are approved. Once you are approved and your home is licensed, we do ask you to remain with our agency for at least 1 year.
  • Do I need any training to become a foster parent?
    Yes, but we will assist you with all of this along your journey in becoming a foster parent. This includes completing PRIDE Pre-Service Training, and First Aid with CPR certification.
  • What is a home assessment?
    The primary purpose of a Home Assessment is to determine if a family is ready, willing, and able to become a suitable and safe placement resource for a child. The Home Assessment also provides McMan family information to facilitate child/family compatibility determination. This is a highly personal process in which the family is asked to respond to very sensitive inquiries.
  • Must I live in a house to be a foster parent?
    No. As long as your residence has enough space for a child to have their own bedroom, and you meet the licensing requirements, any residence is fine.
  • Can I be single and still foster?
    Yes, although you will need to show us that you have appropriate people who can support you.
  • Are there any income requirements to become a foster parent?
    We ask that your household income is sufficient, and that fostering in not taking place of needed household income.
  • Will I receive financial assistance to be a foster parent?
    Foster parents are paid stipends to provide for the maintenance of the child/youth in their home, broken down per the age of the child. These funds cover such items as food, clothing, recreational/craft supplies, gifts, etc. Foster parents also receive a skill fee based on their training and skill level.
  • Will I have a say about which kids come into my home?
    Yes. Foster parents participate in the matching process, and you will have indicated what age and gender you feel will best fit with your family dynamics.
  • Will I have all the information about the child prior to being placed in my home so I can make an informed decision?
    Before a child is placed in your home, you will be given as much information as possible for you to decide whether or not to accept a placement. There are times when very little information is provided, and your role will be working with the children and youth not knowing things about their histories.
  • How long can I expect a child to be placed in my home?
    The goal of the foster parent is to provide a temporary home that provides a stable and caring environment with skilled care, which can be for a few days, weeks, several months or possible years.
  • Can a child go on vacation with my family?
    Yes, as long as prior approval is made by the child’s caseworker and all documentation has been completed. This approval may also involve the birth family.
  • How many children can I care for?
    When you first begin fostering you may care for up to 2 children, but this will depend on your indications in the matching process in conjunction with McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association.
  • What is the first step in becoming a foster parent?
    Fill out the Request for More Information form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Request for More Information

If you would like more information about becoming a foster parent, send us a message and we'll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for your interest. Someone will get back to you soon!

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