Our Mission

To support and encourage individuals and families to achieve their full potential as members of their community.

Our Values

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 Supported Community Access Network

The Supported Community Access Network Program (SCAN) offers flexible services to individuals with disabilities based on their interests, dreams, and desires.

SCAN provides day program activities that include employment support and recreation/leisure opportunities.
For those individuals seeking employment we provide assistance to help them search, prepare and maintain employment.

We offer in-house employment where individuals are paid for community requested jobs such as lawn maintenance and snow removal.
For those individuals not wanting employment, we help them obtain volunteer work or support them to participate in our recreation and leisure activities.

Supported Community Access Network


Edson Office
PO Box 7618
4926-1st Ave
Edson AB T7E 1V7
Ph: (780) 712-7677
Fax: (780) 712-7636


 Edmonton Office

McMan Center
  10949-120 Street

Edmonton AB T5H 3R2

Ph: (587) 686-7173

Fax: (780) 452-1942