Our Mission

To support and encourage individuals and families to achieve their full potential as members of their community.

Our Values

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 Why Work at McMan

In our most recent Staff Satisfaction Survey

93% of respondents said that they were very satisfied working at McMan and that they would  recommend McMan as a good place to work.

What they like best about working for McMan…


“I am given the flexibility and respect to do the best job I can do.  I am a contributing member of the agency and am supported by my program.”

"I like the freedom to think outside of the box and appreciate the willingness of others to take my ideas seriously.”


“I am very appreciative of the benefits package and the generous paid time off allowance.” 

 Team Work
"I value my team and appreciate the support I receive from my supervisor."
"I am always encouraged by my supervisor and my peers to achieve my greatest potential."

 Work Life Balance
"McMan cares about the well being of their staff. We are not just an number in a company."

"McMan is the best agency I have ever worked for in terms of supporting their staff. They value my work and respect the need to balance work and personal commitments." 

 Human Resource Philosophy
"McMan is committed to providing a work environment in which all employees can make a meaningful contribution to the agency's mission."

CLICK HERE to read McMan's Human Resource Philosophy.