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Our Mission

To support and encourage individuals and families to achieve their full potential as members of their community.

Our Values

 Supported Independent Living

In an average year the Supported Independent Living Program serves approximately 140 youth.  While working with our youth we ask for and value their feedback.  In our last round of surveys 100% of the youth reported that the skills they learned in the program helped prepare them for the next step in their lives – independence. 

Here are a few of the comments the youth shared with us when asked what they liked best about the program:

“The workers.”

“All the support I received through the program; both emotional and financial.  Everything helped.”

“Liked how I had help setting goals and had guidance from my TSW to achieve it.”

“The staff, the way the program was run, how you learn different skills without going through classes, more comfortable.”

“I loved the staff and how they connect with the youth.”

“Easy going but still expectations.”

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