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 Safe Visitation


The McMan Safe Visitation Program is a free service created to offer parents and children a safe place for arranged visits for non-custodial parents; helping families maintain a healthy interaction. The Safe Visitation Initiative helps protect children and families where there is a risk of family violence between the parents.
Supervised visitation allows parents to maintain contact with their children in a safe, secure and neutral setting enabling them to build and re-build relationships during time of upheaval. Safe visitation services help children to retain relationships with both of their parents; while addressing safety concerns for all family members.


Safe visitation is available to families who are at high risk of continued family violence between adult partners. Your family may be eligible for this service if:


  • There has been or continues to be family violence between the separated adults.

  • You are concerned that the children or someone else could be harmed without specialized supervision.

  • You would like for the child(ren) to have safe contact with the non-custodial parent, the child wants contact with the non-custodial parent or the court has ordered that the child must have opportunity to visit the other parent.



Safe Visitation

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