Our Mission

To support and encourage individuals and families to achieve their full potential as members of their community.

Our Values

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 Family Intervention

The Family Intervention Program is a community based service offering a range of supports to families and youth.

Our services are guided by: 

  •  Active participation of individuals, families and their support networks in the change process.
  •  Provision of flexible service based on individual needs.
  •  Services delivered within the individual’s home, community and support network.

Family Support provides children, youth and families with the supports and skills they require to function effectively in their home, family and community. These services reduce the risk of an out of home placement and promote the timely reunification of families.  We provide services to address a multitude of complex family issues; family of origin issues, addictions, parent-teen conflicts, communication skills, mental health, parenting issues, child development, behavior management, and skills development.

Youth Work provides a unique experience to engage youth and assist them with issues such as: addiction, social skills, accessing community resources, school issues, problem solving and conflict resolution. 

 Family Intervention

12604-126 St
Edmonton  T5L 0X6

Ph: 780-475-3946
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